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Bethe Rope Necklace

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A Noonday best-seller! This metallic accent piece, which enhances any look, will be sure to have you wearing and sharing our story.



  • When storing your pieces, keep them dry in soft fabric or sealed baggies to prevent wear.
  • Noonday jewelry is sensitive to chemicals found in hairspray, perfume or household cleaners, so avoid storing them in the bathroom.
  • To clean, swish in a bath of lemon juice diluted with water, rinse clean, and dry with a cloth.


This piece was made by an Artisan Business in Ethiopia that creates opportunity for women who are vulnerable. Through dignified and meaningful work, Artisans are empowered to overcome discrimination and provide for themselves and their families.


Artisans melt down artillery shells to make beads and string them together to create jewelry, transforming objects of violence into objects of beauty.

artillery in Ethiopia
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Ethiopa map

Made with love in Ethiopia

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