Alpaca is the second most common animal fiber we find in warm clothing. It is even warmer than wool. Alpacas come from the same family as llamas and camels, and are native to the Andes mountain range in South America. Domesticated for thousands of years, alpacas have always been used for their incredibly soft, warm, and lustrous hair. While increasingly common in the United States, most alpacas are raised in South America. They are calm, gentle herd animals that are sheared once a year like sheep – so the fiber is likewise very sustainable. They do have the added benefit of being extremely cute.

All of our alpaca pieces are either hand-knitted or hand-loomed by small co operatives throughout Peru. The world has become a global market, and it is easy to feel disconnected to the things we purchase. Noonday works closely with our friends in Peru who are involved in every element of production, from material sourcing to working directly with the artisans who hand craft every Noonday item. These women who work with us are able to integrate knitting of Noonday accessories into their daily lives, and thus supplement their incomes. We have spent time in Peru meeting our knitters who make all of this possible.

Every product is fully traceable including where we source, what are in the products, and who actually hand knits the items. By doing this, our customer not only has an amazing product that they can use, but also has the full story behind it. This creates an awareness and a connection for the consumer, while never sacrificing style. All our designs are created as a collaborative effort.

Jenny's mom taught her how to knit when she was a little girl. She learned how to crochet on her own and now prefers it over knitting. Jenny has two children, and you can usually find one swaddled on her back as she knits. Although she frequently knits in her house, she also enjoys walking around town while she knits.