2 Moms, 2 Stories, Same heart
    By Jessica Honegger - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    Mother's day is around the corner, and I asked one of my busy mommy friends to write about what it has meant to sponsor another mom in another country through sewing school. While my friend Julie is busy taking her kids to swim school, planning the spring father/daughter dance, and keeping up with her four kids, Mary Sunshine has been learning how to sew. She graduates in just a few weeks!This is her with a photo of some fabulous Noonday gals who have been sponsoring her!

    Julie (wearing her Noonday best below) says  When God put it on my heart to sponsor two women through sewing school I never expected anything in return.  What would they have to give us anyway?  Right?  They live in a very poor part of the world, struggle to support their families and don't have the modern conveniences that we have in the United States.  I believed that God would work through us to help THEM.  I was so far from the truth.  What I thought I was doing solely for someone else has blessed me tenfold in return.   These women have challenged my perspective on the world,  helped me understand God's grace and caused me to examine my own faith.  

    One of the women we sponsored, Mary Sunshine (I just love her name), has had a huge impact on me.  Mary Sunshine has a little girl named Pheobe that is the same age as my oldest son, 8 years old.   Her husband left her so she is a single mom. Furthermore, she lost three of her brothers in the civil war,  lost her father due to illness and her mother lives miles away in the Congo caring for the children of the three deceased brothers.  I can't imagine the emotional distress she has been through, simultaneously trying to raise and care for her daughter with no means other than total faith in God.  In my very first correspondence with Mary she told me of her story, and in closing cited 5 scriptures.  She challenged me to examine my own faith.  As I explored the scriptures Mary Sunshine gave me, there was one theme....HOPE.  She has lost so many close to her and must rely solely on the grace of God to survive and provide for her child, yet somehow she gives me HOPE?  
    I am so thankful for the friendships that have blossomed between myself and these women.  Their kind words, messages of hope and infectious smiles have not only brightened my life but ignited a flame that is growing inside of me.  God is working on my heart through these women.  I see his provision in their lives and in my own more clearly.  Mary Sunshine has taught me God is good, his grace is enough and he calls us to depend on him.  God connects us for reasons known only to him to move and teach our hearts.  I encourage you to just make yourself available.  If you do I promise you will be blessed in ways you would never expect. 

    And guess what!?!?! We just found out TODAY that Matilda Jane Clothing is donating $3,000 to help launch their new sewing business, which they have named Noonday in kinyarawandan! Noonday Collection is providing a $1,000 micro credit loan. All of these funds will provide operating capital for their new business venture. We can't WAIT for you to purchase their first skilled pieces available in September! Want to help buy sewing scissors, a cutting board, and measuring tapes for the women? Please click here, check on Karisimbi Partners, and make a note it is for the Rwanda sewers!

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