Our Village {part one}
    By Jessica Honegger - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    First off, pardon the absence. We have had some serious spring fever! We are working around the clock to be sure to bring you accessories that you won't be able to resist that tell a story you will want to share. Bringing you the best takes a village and I wanted to introduce you to some serious talent who have given a lot of heart to Noonday Collection and made sure our artisans are getting to show off their best side!

    Meet Kate Stafford. Kate is one of these multi talented people that you wish you could just download the left side of her brain into yours. Since I can't do that, I asked her to be our Graphic Design and Photography Intern. She has learned far more than most should in a short amount of time... she even helped design our new scarf line that will launch next week! In our first interview, she mentioned her love for textiles and her use of them as a studio art major at UT. Jessica language heard, "I know how to design textiles," and in true Jessica fashion, Kate was on a design trip with us to Guatemala capturing the beauty of the people and learning how to weave!  Kate has always been passionate about connecting  talented, creative people with those in need. Noonday was the perfect fit! With 2 of our photoshoots and a Guatemalan photo/design trip under her belt, we can't wait for her to have a broad reach through Kate Stafford Photography.                                                                            

    Another talented woman we could not live without is Dawn Patterson with Funky Fish Designs. You may want to carefully consider saying the words, "I am going to Uganda on a trip soon," to Jessica because Jessica hears, "I can go meet with your artisans, take them supplies, and capture some photos for you." Dawn is one of the most passionate (our spit fire personalities work great together), giving (definitely the most cheerful giver I have ever met), and faith filled ladies! She also has brilliant technical skills as a jewelry maker herself, she is headed to Uganda to adopt for the first time (their 4th child, an adorable 7 year old boy), and she has collaborated with us on our most favorite paper bead designs (you will die when we introduce them to you next week!) I will do the Noonday happy dance if you hop on over to her blog and give towards their adoption expenses! You will do the happy dance, too. Here she is with Jalia, our lead designer in Uganda... who she is going to meet and train again in a week! Dawn is my all time rock star!


    And I must mention our fabulous stylist, Johanna Adkins (there she is below working her magic!). She dove in with us feet first when I first had this crazy idea. She is a rare combination of creativity with a serious understanding of business. And she is my favorite bird in flight. Recently, Johanna has started a new venture, Com Collective, with 2 other Austin women, James Boone  and Elizabeth Lodowski.  

    Comb collective is a design house that fosters collaboration and offers innovative solutions in the areas of fashion, art and design.  Comb collective first product is the 'Comb Lace', a line of hand painted shoe laces.  Available now at By George or online (combcollective.com)


    Noonday Collection has created a significant social impact in such a sort amount of time because these ladies and many others decided to risk a little by giving their talents and not just sit on them. Their risk gives voice to the many whose hard work and craftsmanship is represented in our collection.  Want to give your gifts and talents? Leave a comment below and let us know how!

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