• Burmese immigrants account for the second largest percentage of refugees in the U.S. at 24.3% (14,000 people).
  • Burma is an overwhelmingly Buddhist country, with 89% of Burmese identifying with the religion.
  • Most of Burma's refugees are ethnic and religious minorities who have been persecuted by their government.
  • The overall unemployment rate for the U.S. is around 7.3%, but the rate for refugees in their first year in the U.S. is around 46%.


Our relationship with these artisans goes back several years, when our Founder began volunteering with a group that served Burmese refugees in Austin through afterschool programs. It was there that she got connected with Hill Country Hill Tribers, who work with refugees from Burma by training them in jewelry making and needlework and creating a market for them to sell their creations. They build long-term relationships with these refugees and assist them in building a new life. Hill Country Hill Tribers is a non-profit organization—visit them online if you are interested in helping them cover the costs of their life-changing operations.