about the founder

Most little girls had lemonade stands. I, on the other hand, had jewelry stands.

Then, at age 16, I traveled to Kenya where I walked through the Nairobi slums and witnessed first hand what life was like without running water, toilets, and decent housing. I also held my first orphan. I knew then that my life would be spent on championing the poor.

I spent the next 15 years doing everything from working with addicts to teaching midwifery. It wasn't until later that I discovered the power of entrepreneurship. The moment we are introduced to God in Genesis, we know Him as an entrepreneur. He CREATED us, worked to provide for us, plants a garden and waters it for us, and RESTED from his work on the 7th day. We are also told that we are made in His image, and that we are now to work alongside Him to develop and fill this garden. Work was a part of paradise-- it was how God INITIATED the world. When work opportunities come to the poor, I often feel like paradise is restored.

In 2010, after visiting Uganda and holding orphans for the first time since becoming a mom, my husband and I decided to grow our family through adoption. But with a 30K investment, we knew we needed some help! Some friends of ours in Uganda asked us to sell beautifully crafted jewelry hand made by some of their artisan friends and use the profits for adoption. So we did. It was not only a huge success but the humble beginning of Noonday Collection.

After throwing the very first Noonday Collection trunk show, I finally discovered what I was made for! I love to help women feel beautiful while giving the poor a voice, and sharing God's heart for the orphan. Trunks shows are an incredible opportunity to help women use their purchasing power to create change in the world while looking stylish along the way!


Jessica Honegger

Steward of Noonday Collection