• Uganda is a central African nation the size of Oregon (with 10 times the population).
  • It is a highly diverse country with 30 ethnic groups and 40 languages, as well as a vibrant community of Asian immigrants.
  • HIV/AIDS is a major problem in the country. 940,000 Ugandans are living with HIV/AIDS and 1.2 million children have lost one or both parents to the disease.
  • The country has experienced a long period of civil war between the Ugandan government and a rebel group called the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), which has created a child soldier crisis and displaced more than one million people.


When Founder Jessica Honegger and her husband Joe decided to adopt a child from Rwanda, a friend living in Uganda told her, "We have so much beautiful, handmade jewelry sitting in boxes. Why don't you take it, sell it, and use the money to fund your adoption?" The paper bead pieces drew an overwhelming response, and Jessica soon connected with Jalia and Daniel, a Ugandan couple with a heart for ministering to the vulnerable in their community. They started recruiting their neighbors to create unique paper bead designs, and the group has grown to provide dignified work for hundreds in their community.

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