Work week wardrobe

Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

The realization of my leadership potential hit me in Peru. I was standing in a conference room, listening to Maria tell the story of...
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Noonday City Guide Nashville TN

9 Empowering Summer Movies for Girls

My husband and I enjoy watching movies together. We often find ourselves watching films that explore justice issues and educate us on...
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The Best Accessories for Summer Travel

Wear their Story, Share Their Story

Returning from Peru this year, one theme rang out from so many of the Artisans and Peruvians I got to meet. And that is that Peruvians are...
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The Heartbreak and Beauty of Adoption

6 Principles for Intentional Living

We’ve all been in the weeds, right? Deep in the mess of life, overwhelmed by big demands and tiny problems, unable to see the flowers on the...
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