Our Business Model

We believe in the power of business to CHANGE THE WORLD.

We are a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities across the globe. We believe in the dignity and power of work.

Our business model focuses on empowering Artisan Businesses
to create dignified jobs in vulnerable communities.

Across the developing world, millions of people work as Artisans, using traditional skills to create handcrafted products. But without access to a global market, these Artisans often struggle to earn a sustainable income.

We collaborate with 29 Artisan Businesses in 12 countries to design a collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories. We develop these Artisan Businesses through fair trade, connecting them to a global market and empowering them to grow sustainably.

To create a marketplace for our Artisan Partners, we invite women in the United States to launch their own businesses through the Ambassador Opportunity. Noonday Ambassadors are stylists, storytellers and social entrepreneurs who create a growing marketplace for Artisan Businesses through Trunk Shows.

Together we are creating dignified jobs for thousands of Artisans around the world – and giving women in the United States the opportunity to use their purchasing power for good.

What Makes Noonday Different?


Fashion with impact

When we collaborate with Artisans to design our collection of handmade jewelry and accessories, we take a market-driven approach. We help Artisans understand what women in the United States want to wear, empowering them to create pieces that our customers will love. By combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design, we bring you beautiful pieces that make a lasting impact.


Style with story

We connect people across the globe through style and storytelling. At Trunk Shows, Noonday Ambassadors share the incredible stories behind our handmade collection. Trunk Show Hostesses gather their friends and connect them with the opportunity to use their purchasing power for good. We love connecting people with the opportunity to make a difference in their communities and around the world – this is what makes Trunk Shows so special!


Work with dignity

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We follow the principles of fair trade in every aspect of our business and make sure our Artisan Business Partners do the same. Through collaborative design, responsible financing, capacity building and long-term partnership, we support Artisan Businesses as they create dignified jobs in their communities.


Profit with purpose

We believe profit and purpose can go hand in hand. We operate as a for-profit business rather than a non-profit organization because it allows us to grow sustainably – and to make a greater impact. As a business, we are committed to creating meaningful opportunities for all of our stakeholders, from Artisans to Ambassadors to our team in Austin, Texas.

Why Do Markets Matter?

A letter from Co-CEO Travis Wilson

Travis Wilson

"Early in my career, I had the opportunity to lead a microcredit organization in Mozambique that provided loans to entrepreneurs across the country. It was incredible to see how a couple hundred dollars of working capital could make such an impact in the lives of so many. Small loans allowed entrepreneurial women in the villages to amplify their hard work and creativity and earn an income to care for their families.

My time working in Mozambique exposed another reality. While a loan could empower a woman to start a business, the business couldn’t grow without buyers. What people in Mozambique needed was a growing market for their products!

This is why I am so passionate about Noonday's business model. By connecting Artisan Entrepreneurs to a growing market, we enable them to make a sustainable impact in their communities. And we have seen that this is working! Businesses are being built where none existed before. Jobs are being created. Lives are being impacted.

This would be impossible without the women who shop our collection, who open their homes to host Trunk Shows, and who launch their own Noonday businesses as Ambassadors. I invite you to learn more about the sustainable impact we are making – and how you can join us!"

An Opportunity to Make an Impact

We are a business that is changing the world – but we need you to expand our reach! When you wear Noonday, you have the chance to share the incredible story of the Artisan who made your piece. When you host a Trunk Show, you get to invite women in your community to join you for styling, storytelling and shopping. And when you join as a Noonday Ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn an income and make an impact.