• Located along the ancient Silk Road, Afghanistan has been a crossroads for culture and trade for thousands of years. As a result, the country is home to people of many different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Art is a vital part of Afghan culture, and the Afghan people have cherished poetry for centuries. Caves in the Afghan city of Bamiyan are home to the world's first oil paintings.
  • Decades of war between the Afghan government and the Taliban have resulted in political and economic instability. Afghans are working hard to rebuild in the face of continued violence.
  • Conditions for Afghan women have improved since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, but Afghanistan still ranks as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women.


When Noonday Founder Jessica Honegger discovered an artisan business creating job opportunities for women in Afghanistan by making beautiful accessories, she knew Noonday had to get involved! The artisan business focuses on empowering women, giving them an opportunity to use traditional skills to earn an income and provide for their families. Women in Afghanistan often learn embroidery techniques from their mothers or grandmothers, so each piece these Artisans create carries with it a special legacy. We love how the women incorporate one-of-a-kind details, such as traditional Afghan tassels and vintage currency, to create truly unique accessories.