• Nestled in the Andes, Ecuador is known for its ecological beauty and diversity.
  • Its varied landscape features active volcanoes, rainforests, beaches, and sprawling Incan ruins.
  • Ecuador's indigenous groups make up 25% of the population; their cultures form a unique tapestry of flavors, textiles, and languages.
  • Rising inflation has resulted in economic instability; 35% of the population lives in poverty.


When we discovered the rich, vibrant colors in the textiles and environment of Ecuador, we knew that Noonday and this diverse South American country would be a great fit. Here at Noonday, we are all about bright colors and designs that incorporate both modern trends and traditional aesthetics. We knew that the artisans of Ecuador would be the perfect people to bring some vibrant style to our collection. The natural resources that these artisans incorporate into their designs, like tagua and acai seeds, mean that their pieces are also a great way to promote sustainability in our pieces, which we love!