• Guatemala is a small Central American country whose name translates to "land of trees" in the Maya-Toltec language.
  • Both the chocolate bar and blue denim were invented in Guatemala.
  • Many rural Guatemalans are dependent upon unreliable cash crops like coffee. But when coffee crashed in the late 1990s, an economic depression swept the country.
  • Only 37% of women in Guatemala are in the workforce and the numbers for indigenous women are far less, partly because they are unable to find needed childcare.


Before she had traveled the world and before she had even begun to hatch the idea for Noonday in her mind, our Founder, Jessica, lived and worked in Guatemala volunteering with Food for the Hungry. While there, she fell head over heels for the country—for its people, its culture, and especially its brilliant textiles. Her strong bond with Guatemala and her knowledge of Spanish meant that years later, on a scouting trip for Noonday Collection, we were able to navigate the country's many markets and villages to find its hidden treasures. Now, our Guatemalan Artisan partners are able to preserve their traditions by sharing their incredible talents in beadwork, weaving, and leatherworking with you.