• Haiti was the first colony in the world to gain independence after a successful slave revolt in 1804.
  • The official languages of Haiti are French and Creole, a unique blend of French, Spanish, indigenous Caribbean, and West African languages.
  • Haitians have endured a history of natural disasters and political corruption, with governments misusing funds and using violence to shore up their power.
  • The average Haitian makes only $30 a week if they are able to find work at all, which means a constant struggle to meet their families' most basic needs.


Haiti has a long legacy of beautiful handcrafts, from papier-mâché to metalworking to weaving. Large-scale industrialization in the country hasn't developed due to unreliable electricity, limited transportation, unfavorable government policies, and a lack of training for skilled laborers. Because of this, Haiti's artisan networks have become a vital platform for many people to make a living. After several natural disasters damaged artisan workshops and threatened these important networks, Noonday wanted to be a part of restoring them and helping create an American market for their special pieces. We are proud to support these artisans as they work to rebuild and rejuvenate their communities.