• Peru was once home to the powerful Incan Empire, the largest civilization in Pre-Columbian America.
  • Peru is home to the oldest university in the Americas—it has run continually since 1551.
  • Although some have benefitted from Peru's recent economic growth, a third of the population lives below the poverty line.
  • Many rural Peruvians are moving to the cities to find better work, which has caused overcrowding and made quality housing and stable jobs scarce.


Our Founder Jessica studied Latin America in College and spent time traveling in Peru before starting Noonday. The region's beauty and challenges were wedged deep in her heart, and she knew that Peru would play a part in her story someday. So when one of Jessica’s friends traveled to Peru to establish a knitwear artisan network there, Noonday Collection became one of their first customers and remains one of their biggest buyers. We love the knitwear these talented artisans stitch because they are made from soft, luxurious Alpaca and can be crafted from almost anywhere, allowing women to earn an income while caring for their children or visiting with friends. Now, we are proud to purchase not only knitwear, but stunning jewelry from Peru as well.