• Vietnam places a high value on education and has a literacy rate of 93%.
  • Over 2700 villages in Vietnam are known as "craft villages" because they have specialized in a particular handcraft (such as bull horn carving) for hundreds of years.
  • There are over 50 ethnic groups in the country, but 86% of the population identifies as the majority Kinh ethnic group.
  • The majority of the poor in Vietnam are ethnic minorities in rural areas, who historically have little access to land.


Noonday began working with a group of Vietnamese artisans in 2013, after seeing some of their beautiful designs at an artisan craft show. The village we work with, Thuy Ung, has been carving bullhorn into unique pieces for over 400 years. Once created only for royal families, these pieces are now crafted for Noonday customers. Our partner group provides business training for the artisans and ensures fair pricing for their goods. This ancient craft continues to provide the people of the village with a reliable income and the chance to share their pieces with the world.