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Hi there, world changer! My name is Aimee and I am very honored to be an Ambassador for Noonday Collection!
At my core, I'm a creative soul who loves fashion, to knit, spin yarn, cross stitch and sew, read science journals, attend the ballet, thrifting, and spend time enjoying life with dear friends. I used to be a research lab tech and am now a stay at home mom to a darling little girl and wife to an amazing man, while living in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
My passion for Noonday Collection has increased after becoming a mother, as my daughter was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss at birth. Noonday Collection partners with many artisan businesses, such as our artisan partners in Kenya (made up of deaf women), that employ artisans with special needs who would otherwise be shunned by society. I dream of creating a world where all our differences are embraced and celebrated!  
With Noonday Collection, we can help others achieve their dreams and provide for their families, while satisfying our own desire to look fashionable and on trend. Each and every piece sold by Noonday Collection has a story behind it, of an artisan who has been given great opportunity, and of HOPE. Please join me in helping restore beauty, compassion, and love to our global community. If you would like more information on our products, about hosting a trunk show (and receiving some awesome hostess benefits) or holding an adoption fundraiser, please contact me by email or give me a call!

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