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I have always had a fun and funky style when it came to jewelry and clothes. Growing up, my dad's job led our family of three girls to the South and all over the Midwest. When I married, I became a youth pastor's wife for nine years and during that time I learned how to love and minister to people. After that, I became a dorm mom of 24 high school boys in Germany. The boys came from cultures all over the world. I fell in love with, and was introduced to, languages and parts of the world I had never seen or heard of before. At this point I did not just love people, but I had also fallen in love with the rest of the world. During our five years overseas, I was able to see many parts of the world. One summer, our family of four took a trip to an orphanage in Kenya. I met a missionary named Lisa who was employing Kenyan women by selling the jewelry they made. This was the first time that my eyes were opened to how I could help women and families survive in impoverished countries. After my trip to Kenya, I knew that I wanted to become part of doing this in the future. Once we moved back to America, I was introduced to Noonday. Suddenly, I realized that everything I loved and desired to do for ministry was currently happening in this company. For the past 6 months, my excitement for Noonday continued to build. Today, I feel completely honored to be an ambassador for Noonday. Noonday is all about creating a flourishing world where children are cherished, people have jobs, women are empowered and we are connected. I am excited to be able to work as a stylist, storyteller and social entrepreneur who is creating a marketplace in my community for artisan entrepreneurs around the globe. I can't wait to style all my friends and help to change the world at the same time. Please contact me to host a trunk show and feel free to browse around and shop the website!  

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