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Hi! I'm Elizabeth: ice cream lover, social justice advocate, twin mama, youth pastor's wife & sunshine soaker-upper. I'm a Pacific Northwest girl who equally loves spontaneous trips to the beach and sipping hot drinks in coffee shops.

My heart for advocacy was awakened during a brief stint in Bolivia where I learned about human trafficking for the first time. It was there I met and befriended women and very young girls who were bought and sold for sex and money. Some were physically forced or coerced, though many found themselves trapped in poverty’s grip without any alternative forms of income. Women succumbed to selling their bodies out of desperation to feed their children.

They are just a fraction of the 27 million people who are enslaved today in some form or another.

Through the ethical marketplace facilitated by Noonday Collection, we get to provide dignified economic opportunities for vulnerable people around the world! We are a preventative organization on the front lines of poverty alleviation. Children aren't being abandoned at orphanages, adoptive families are bringing children into their homes, women don't have to sell their bodies, and people aren't forced to work in inhumane, unsafe conditions. Every single purchase changes lives.

When you wear Noonday's bold accessories or make Noonday your go-to gift giving site, you are part of the redemption stories being written through each purchase.

You can make a purchase from my website today, you can partner with me as a hostess next month, or you can join my team as an Ambassador in the future to create a platform to advocate in your own community.

Together, we are creating a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs and we are connected!

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