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Hi there, I'm Julia.  
I'm a Jesus follower, wife, mama to three girls (including a set of twins), I'm a friend. I run. I garden. I can things. I own livestock (two ducks and some chickens), so I think that makes me a farmer?! I write. I create. I love fiercely. I really like the way Anthropologie candles smell.  
Before my girls came along, I worked for an international adoption agency. What I saw during my time there, was that kiddos were being adopted, not because they were truly orphans, but because their families couldn't afford to take care of them. This breaks my mama-heart. I can't imagine abandoning or relinquishing any of my girls. I think every mama deserves to snuggle her babies! And I know if there were more organizations like Noonday, there were would be fewer orphans in the world.  
Through Noonday, I have the privilege of creating opportunities for artisans around the world to work while earning a living wage, so they can provide for their families. I get to live out my personal mission statement, " love, nurture and encourage hurting people in a broken world." It's a beautiful thing. Rings my heart like a bell.  

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