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Hi, I'm Karen. I live in Springfield, VA (just outside DC) and have been married to Cason (my incredibly supportive "Noondude") for almost a decade. We have a global love story - having met on a mission trip in Moscow, Russia - and are passionate about finding ways to use our meager talents to serve God's call to the least, last, & lost around the world. We are also now the proud (& tired!) parents of beautiful twin girls. :)    
I have a specific passion for helping others know that they can make a real difference in our world today and then empowering them to go for it. Being a Noonday Ambassador is a perfect way to do that.

I do it for the artisans who are getting sustainable work when someone says yes to hosting a trunk show. They are getting an opportunity to help lift their families out of poverty when someone purchases and wears their beautiful handiwork. I do it for my children. This is part of the income that our family needs so I can stay at home with our girls.   And I do it for me. I’m so grateful for an outlet where I can have a global impact. Where I can connect with and empower women in my community to know that you matter   and how you use your purchasing power really can make a significant difference.

And these gorgeous accessories. We get a chance to "wear their story" and "share their story". I put them on and know that we are all connected. The artisans are depending on me; I am depending on them; and, I’m counting on others like you to partner with me. It’s a beautiful interdependence. I am proud to rock these pieces with confidence and know that you will be too.  

I look forward to serving you - whether it's ordering a fabulous piece of jewelry, hosting a trunk show in your home with friends, or helping to fundraise for a loved one's adoption. Let me know how I can help you to go out & make a difference.

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