Batik Dye Kit Print, Lion


DIY kits will be a thoughtful and joyous way to celebrate connection this holiday season! Keep a set and gift a set of this fun Batik kit and learn the art of Batik painting! Kit includes one pre-waxed lion motif, three bottles of batik dye, one paintbrush, and one watercolor palette.

  • Materials: Pre-Waxed Motif, 3 Bottles of Batik Dye, 1 Paintbrush, 1 Watercolor Palette
  • Measurements: 8"L, 8"W Pre-Waxed Motif
  • Product Code: AC134BB
  • With Love from Malaysia

Clean paint brush and paint tray after each use with soap and water.

How It's Made

Batik dyeing is a method usually done on textile surfaces that involves wax and patterned areas to create colorful artwork. Our Artisan Business Partner works with a local artisan group that has a passion to innovate the traditional heritage of batik by using cold wax. Their dream is to employ young people by promoting and highlighting Malaysian batik through innovative techniques.

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