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Build Your Own Bracelet Kits, Set of 3

Artisans all around the globe have been handcrafting beautiful Noonday Collection jewelry for years, and now you get to be part of the process! Our Ugandan Artisan Partners create the perfect paper beads by hand mixing each dye color and carefully crafting each individual bead. Create your own unique stretch bracelets using these beautiful beads and following the knotting directions. 3 Kits included.

  • Materials: Elastic, Handcrafted Paper Beads
  • Measurements: Each kit contains (1) 3 yard elastic and a bag of paper beads, paper bead size assorted
  • Product Code: AC096AS
  • With Love from Uganda

Wipe down with a damp, soft cloth

How It's Made

To create the perfect paper beads, our Ugandan Artisan Partners hand mix each dye color and check every bead for quality. Their work is where art and precision meet—a careful cut here, a touch more blue there—to create consistently beautiful accessories.

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